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Oh Mr. Magazine, I never wrote one single thing for you...

Or your so-called music scene...

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First thing you need to know: If you don't know good music, you're not getting in, sweetie. So don't waste your time. This means you had better know more than just mainstream bands.

We are based only on opinion, taste in music, and looks. Not race, gender, or sexuality. Get that straight or get out. This means, MALES CAN APPLY. Guys=Glamour too! You had better not be another cliche teenager. We want unique and interesting members.

Love the Mods...until you're accepted, you mean nothing. Sucking up can help sometimes.

Don't spam, don't fight with other members, and keep an open mind. (Everyone likes what they like, that doesn't mean you have to like it too.) If you start a fight with another member and it becomes serious, we WILL ban you.

If you're going to promote, do it under an LJ cut, and put "I'm a loser who likes to promote" in the title. Don't promote more than once a week, we don't want the community filled with promos.

Obnoxious and immature people are automatically banned. Period.

You must stay active once accepted and to help you out 10 promotions get you one auto accept/reject.

Don't make an application that doesn't have your REAL opinions. We'll know if you're just trying to please. Because we're good like that.

When replying, post your vote as your own comment, not a reply to someone else's. Do not post comments on anything but your post until you are a stamped member! Please use the +/- system.

You have a day to decide yes or no on applications. If you can't decide, ask the applicant a question or two to help you make your decision.

Be utterly honest. If the applicant makes you want to throw up, tell them. Then head to the bathroom.

iF yOo0 tYpE lYkE tHy$, we'll more than likely hunt you down and kill you personally.

Their, There, They're. Your, You're. To, Too, Two. No, Know. Learn them, love them, USE THEM CORRECTLY.


All applications must go under an LJ cut.

When applying, put "We're so Glamour" in the subject line so we know you read the rules.

You must be at least thirteen years old to apply, if you're lucky you'll get in.

Read all of the rules before applying, we'll be able to tell if you don't.

Sucking up to the mods might help you get in... or it might not. Don't be sickeningly sweet, because that's no good, either.

You must apply within two days of joining. Failure to do so will get you automatically banned.

If you have any problem with the rules or application please feel free to reach us by AIM or on our personal journals. You will find that information below...

onyour_mixtape aka Jessica Mae. (xExpLodeDxStaRSx)

shes_a_killah aka Kayla. (OhTheRxmance)

justinfinite aka Amelia. (Silence Is 70mph)

justinfinite (Who became one of your MOD's becasue she is just that cool.)


itchiebutt23 - For not doing an application and ignoring the extended time given to them by the MOD's.

PROMOTIONS-Take out the *'s for the code to work!! Or just copy and paste the pictures into a journal, but make sure to add glamour_music (<*lj user="Glamour_Music">)!